airbrush makeup

Helpful Hints

Remember to book your makeup artist as soon as possible before your date is taken. April, May, June, September and October book up early.

Remember to wear a button down shirt on the day of your portrait and wedding, so your makeup and hair won’t be disturbed by pulling a T-shirt over your head.

Ensure all chemical services, such as facials and waxing, are performed at least 7 days before service, so no burning or adverse reactions occur.

Please have dry hair with your usual product in it on the day we do your hair. This helps with time and staying ability.

Please have your showering done before we arrive so we don’t run behind while waiting for you. You are on a strict time schedule and we want you out the door on time so your photographer and guests aren’t waiting.

If you don’t like a makeup color selected or your hair just isn’t right, please let us know immediately. We will change it. This is your day. We want confidence in knowing you are the beautiful bride you always imagined.

Attendants and moms requesting touch up makeup must have their foundation, concealer, and powder on before the artist starts. If foundation is applied by the artist, a full makeup application is charged.